Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

This is a great link to a great blog. The recipes, ideas, and inspiration is wonderful. Have fun searching, my friend Julie told me about it and I have loved looking!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blue Angels 2010 Idaho Falls Idaho

The day is beautiful, sunny warm and not too windy. At 200pm we went as a family to the Blue Angel's practice open to Make a wish children. Nicholas was invited and we thoroughly enjoyed the show. Nicholas took a jet his Aunt and Uncle had given him and the night before he painted it to look like a blue angel. He had it signed by the F/A 18 Pilot 4 Maj USMC Chris Collins and pilot 5 LCDR Frank Wisser. The C130 Fat Albert was there to show off along with the 6 jets.
There first formation of four...wait till the other two show up!

This experience was incredible for us and Nicholas. The time he had with the pilots and the special attention to be up close...front row seats for two and a half hours!  The music was very loud, but he managed pretty well. He was definitley ready to go home, but will never forget the experience, nor will we!  He felt very special and had no idea how cool it was to be there. We could have never made it through the day, the event was perfect!
This is way fun, thanks Daddy for bringing us!

We got to see Greg Poe and his stunt plane, he started the show. Very great acrobats!  We also got to see 3 MIGs in formation. Absolutely the most cool sound to hear them hum over you. We also saw a F16 falcon and a F15.
This was on takeoff and the deck crew is in the background.

After the show Jeff was able to go to the tarmac with Nicholas to get his signatures and pictures taken with the pilots.  This was a wonderful and very special experience and we are very grateful! 
Nicholas happy and glad he stuck it out for those signatures on his plane!

Paisley enjoyed the planes and she thought the noise was amazing!  It was AWESOME and The PLANES ARE COOL and That IS ALL!

 The make a wish kids with some of the pilots at the end of the show. Lots of mommy's were crying by this point.  Things like this where these pilots take time to show these kids how special they are is truly incredible! Thank you BLUE ANGELS!