Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Introducing Snowflake our elf!


We are so excited for the 12 days of Christmas and our Elf Snowflake is here! It took the kids 1 second to name her and she is a doll. Look what she did :0)

Nutcrackers in timeout I guess:)

All the Nutcrackers are showing us their bums!!
The kids were totally surprised and what a hoot. Nick read the letter she brought and we are off to a fun start for 12 days of Christmas with our Elf!

Meet Miss Snowflake 12-12-2012

Her Left hand is damaged and Paisley said, "Look mama, her hand is disabled" I said of sweetie, that  is so sweet of you to notice, I say we see how she handles a challenge and be thankful and blessed for our good hands!  She wanted to touch her so bad but held her hands behind her back and just stared at her every detail. So cute!