Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 First day of 2nd grade and preschool

It was a rainy morning. Nicholas got up at 3:45 am and said it is time!  We tried to get him to go back to sleep...no luck. He wore a new pair of jeans from grandma Kristi and his favorite Toni Hawk green shirt from Grandma Alcie.  He was styling and even wore his new hiking boots. He ate a great breakfast and Paisley woke up at 6:30 am.  She walked Nicholas out to his bus in her jammies, barefoot in the pouring rain, hugged him and said have a good day brother.  I cried....he has the best bus driver and aide. Marge is a godsend and really loves him.  He is liking the special needs bus much better than his old bus.  It was too loud and way too crazy per Nicholas.  He had a good day per his teacher. He did not have much to say, just wanted to line up his Lego's when he came in off the bus. His teacher Mrs Huntsman is great and she said" Hello, for the most part I feel that Nick had a good day.  As the day wore on and he began to tire he was resistant to working.  However, when I sat with him he started to work.  He did not cause any problems in class, he was well behaved and seemed to make a friend.  He did very well in the assembly even with all the noise."  He ate a snack and it was time to go play for 45 minutes with is dear friend Hallie. She asked if he could play and he was out the door like a rocket!  His special ed teacher even called to see how his day was. She made sure he got off his bus and to his class. She put him back on the bus to come home and said he did really well.  What a hard day for a boy who is so sensitive to change, noise, routine, sleep, meals etc.  He forgot his lunch bag and said I did not know where to put it mom.  It is the same school but everything is different, different time, lunch table, room, etc.  Just think how you would feel if that were all different and it all bothered you.  I am so proud of you Nicholas for holding it all together. You are amazing and I learn from you each day! 

Paisley went back to BEIC and has Ms Cindy and Mrs Loa Jenkins. They are amazing and I cant believe Pais will be in kindergarten next fall. She is so mature, shy and intuitive. She loved getting ready. She wanted her hair in two piggies and wore the outfit her Grandma Kristi made for her.  The rain had stopped so she wanted a few pictures outside.  She was so excited to see her friends. I helped on the first day and was glad, she was timid. I was glad I was there for her.  Today is her second day and gave me a high five when I left.  

My babies are growing up quickly. I cherish each moment and try to always be attentive to their every need.  Each day brings something new, it is fun to see how I choose to handle it. I want to be the best mom ever. My mom always did an amazing job making us feel #1. I can't remember a day I did not feel her love. I want it to be that way for my kids. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Fudge by Grandma Alcie

5 cups sugar
1 cup butter or margarine
1 can 12 oz evaporated milk
Bring to rolling boil and mark the timer for 5 minutes exactly.  Stirring constantly for the five minutes, then take off heat. Stir in 12 oz any chocolate chip, and 1, 7 oz marshmallow cream .
Mix well with large strong spoon and pour into large pan 9x13 or larger. Cool and cut, will freeze nicely too. I like to make it night before and refrigerate. You can add nuts if like. I have used mint chips, butterscotch, dark choc, peanut butter, white chips etc. Have fun and enjoy!