Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cuddly the tank!

When Grandma was here Nicholas built with cardboard a tank called Cuddly. Daddy said it is in the way in the garage, so he made a deal. If he could fire off a firework out of the cannon then daddy could burn Cuddly up. So we videoed the burning and Nicholas was emotional. It is hard for him to give up something he created. I asked Grandma and Nicholas how did they come up with the name Cuddly? There was no reason. Sounds a bit girly for a TANK don't you think? The video is 5 minutes long but worth the wait. Hope you enjoy, I did get frustrated with how long it was taking for daddy to build the fire! I love to see Nicholas' imagination at work. Tomorrow he is going to build a mini scale of cuddly he can keep in his room. I am sure he will paint it and draw flames this week. We are going on a mini vacation this weekend to Spokane. Jeff's parents are having a family reunion in Spokane. We are staying with his sister so the kids can be with Alexis as much as possible. They have a beautiful pool and I am sure we will be in it the entire time. Nicholas loves to swim with Lexie, he wants to show her his new swimming skills. I will be taking lots of pics I am sure. Paisley is starting to really enjoy the water and can imitate Nicholas and most of his moves! She looks really cute in her swim cap!

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