Monday, September 14, 2009


This is a recipe I received from a dear friend Caroline Loftus. I was asked to share it with our Aunt here it is!

Microwave Carmels

2 C sugar
1 C real butter
1C white karo syrup

stir: cover with wax paper, cook 5 min on high
stir: add 1 can eagle brand milk, cook 4 minutes
stir: cook 4 min more
stir: cook 4 min more
stir: add 1 tsp vanilla

Pour onto bottom of inverted buttered 13x9 pan and cool, I have poured mine onto parchment paper, sometimes it sticks and is trouble to get off.   Some pour onto counter or marble but I did not have as good a luck with that either.  Cut in small pieces and wrap in wax paper after totally cool. I like to cut with a pizza cutter.
*note: take butter and smooth some over the top edges of the glass so that the caramel boils to top and touches paper, it won't lift it off and spill all aver the microwave.

These are the very best carmel I have made, I also like to lightly sprinkle the caramel with course sea salt after pouring into 9x13. Just a little....ENJOY

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