Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sand, Sun and FUN

Sunday is beautiful, the day was perfect! Nicholas loves the sand and the neighbors enjoyed playing with both kids.  They buried them and loved it. I took some pictures to capture the day and he will remember the fun for days.  Paisley even wanted to try out being buried. Nicholas loved playing with all the kids and sand is such a sensory calming thing. I am so thankful to have a sand box right out the kitchen window! 

Angie loves to play in the sand with Nicholas and  they had a blast today.  They had a tang break over in her yard and decided to get out the sand toys. Jeff worked in the garage and yard with his dad all day.  Spring is here and the first few batches of daffodils are opening,
Paisley even decided to get into the fun and loved being buried too.  Her ears were full of sand! 

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