Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birch Creek and our Maiden voyage in our new tent trailer!

This is our new used pop up trailer. A Coleman toas. We told a friend we were interested in getting one and a few months later she phoned and said she found one.  It is perfect, 8 feet long to tow and really spacious. We set up the shower and changing room outside and the table can be in or out.  It was super fast to set up. We went Birch creek, about 1 hour and 15 minutes from our house.  The kids loved the short trip and we loved trying out the trailer. Jeff bought a generator so when we are at a site where there are no hookups, we still have power.  It was so great to have heat and lights.  We had a family movie each night and kept warm as the temps dropped in the evenings.  This is a picture of our first supper. We had watermelon, cauliflower and broccoli, penne noodles with wine marinara sauce and dinner sausage.  The stove can be used in our out, so we cooked outside and sat under the awning.  It is a moment I will always remember.
We played play dough and enjoyed the evening.  We watched a movie and the kids were ready for bed. We showered and bedded down.  The stars were beautiful, I had to get up and go potty and there were so many you could hardly find the big dipper! There was a large void in a rock across the camp and the kids liked looking at it with the binoculars.  I thought this was so cute until they started fighting over them!  

These are the remaining charcoal kilns that were used in the late 1800 to extract the ore out of the viola mine site.  There were 14 kilns and three remain.  They were very interesting to learn about and explore. Nicholas could do a report on them some day.  Very cool history right in our back yard.  We stopped by the creek farther north of the campground and Jeff put in lines for the kids and could not resist.  I love how you can see the orange line in a circle as he is casting. It was a great spot for the kids, they both caught baby brooks and had to put them back.

These are a gluten free Smore! They were great. We used symphony bars, marshmallows and grahams. They are thin crackers with a not so sweet crunch.  I purchased the grahams at wealth of health, the only place i have seen them. It was perfect and the the kids loved them. We also roasted the famous starbursts! They are wonderful and I am so thankful for our neighbors who taught us to do that! 
The first morning, after eggs, sausage patties and fruit.  The kids loved playing Lego's and relaxing.  We headed to the mountains to hike and fossil hunt.  Jeff found two and Nicholas was thrilled.  We went up Skull Canyon and Paisley did not want to walk. She had had enough of  a hike after exploring The Viola mine road. We hiked by lots of old mining rail wheels, and the wire used for the trolley.  We never made it to the actual ghost town and mine, we were getting tired and did not take enough water.  We will attempt it again this summer.  This is a picture of Paisley reeling in her first fish. You can see it directly out from Jeff's hat brim about an inch. It was tiny and cute, she really wanted to cook it up, she may be the fisherman! 

This is when Paisley's dislike for hiking really set in.  This was a very steep hill and she hiked all of it but about 50yards.  She was having a fit on the way down, I did not take a picture.  This is of her on the way up and look how far Nicholas was, almost to the top. He has on a red shirt. There was a lot of calcite veins and the hike was filled lots of whining by the famous Paisley.  She said hiking is for Jeff's and Nicholass'! We thought the arch was cool and we got real close, the kids did think that was neat.  The picture to the left is in Skull Canyon.  Jeff did find a few fossils and Nicholas loved the exploring.  Paisley and I sat in the car.  After we got back to camp he was more than ready to cuddle in his blanket and hold Rich, yes Rich want with us too! 

Nicholas was so excited for sleep the second night.  He got to use his glow in the dark sword!  It was green of course and He really enjoyed using it the next day and at home too. It really stayed glowing and something in it also made my diamond in my ring glow.  It was amazing, I had never seen my diamond glow in the dark, Way cool I have to say!

We loaded up the gear and were getting ready to get showered up before we headed for home. I had to take this picture of paisley waiting for her shower! Way to cute and just a little nudity! )
We really enjoyed our maiden voyage and can't wait for many more. Way fun and lots of family memories to be made.

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