Sunday, November 14, 2010

Closing Yellowstone Nov 4 2010

 The new overlook at Gibbon falls. They did a great job with the new bypass and parking. I thought it looked great. Nicholas was thinking he was not feeling well after looking over the edge. The wind was cold and and day was overcast. The drive into the park we saw Bison, Elk and squirrels. The kids used the animal park list and found almost all of them by the time the park closed.
 Jeff Surprised me and took me to the time share in West Yellowstone for the night. He told the kids it was a surprise. He packed the bags, food, everything! He even brought swimsuits for the boiling river!
Nicholas has a art for finding hearts! He found this heart on the chair in the time share, after dropping a lego and bending down to get it, he yells "MOM THERE IS A HEART FOR YOU!" I am amazed by his will to find hearts for his mama!
 We had never stopped at the Sheepeater Cliffs. They were really cool and Jeff loves columnar basalt. The kids learned something new!
 This is the first and original entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It is grand and beautiful. I am so glad to have gotten to see it for the first time in our 15 years spent in and out of the park by way of the west entrance. This is at the north end of the park and was so cool!
 Mountain sheep were hanging on the hill outside Mammoth. There were about 7 sheep and they did not care we were there.
 This is the parking area to the only hot springs you can soak in Yellowstone. The Gardner river flows through and allows for cooler water to make it a great soak! It was extra hot this time and really enjoyed by all of us. It is one of our favorite spots. We still need to get Grandma Kristi there. Maybe next year!
Dad, this is going to be so fun, don't you think?

Paisley is excited to be taking her baby to the hot springs for the first time, she even brought a bathing suit for her!

Nicholas along the trail to the hot springs. He loves to float the river along the hot springs!

 Now those are some serious cockle burs!!
Upper terrace at Mammoth, so dry!

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