Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

I have been running around crazy trying to get ready for a weekend swim meet, spirit week for piranhas, Valentines day class partys!etc.  The day was grand. I am putting dishes away today and love all the heart stuff I have collected over the years. Jeff brought home chocolates and gorgeous peace roses, 12 of them. They are beautiful! We had a great dinner and played family love bingo. I found it in my Family life magazine and printed it off and had them laminated. We loved it!

Last night after our nice steak dinner, rissoto, salad and gf cupcakes, Paisley asks me while she is getting into the bath...Mom, what do you think Nick will be when he grows up? I said well, it is hard to say but I imagine something with water or his hands. She says...NO he will be either a gonzaga bball player, a playground duty, or a lego master. Nick heard her and said ...Pais, we have to get money to go to GONZAGA. Paisley says, Dad, could we get some money and go to school at GONZAGA?  Dad says honey lets get through preschool first, but your ideas are great! I loved it. They have so little to worry about but yet they think about the future in such large terms.

 I will post some pictures when I have time. xoxo April

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