Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring break day 3 and 4

Our friend Lana and her kids came out in the AM and we had a great time in and out. The kids jumped on the tramp and swing on the swings.  We popped popcorn to show Lana the cool coconut and turmeric seasoning.  We got caught up on the diet stuff we do for our kids and just let the kids play. They had a great time and so did we!
We had a great Wednesday, we went and visited two beautiful malamutes. They are named fluff and pronto,  The kids loved it. It started to rain just as we were about to leave. Perfect outing and got a doggy fix for Nicholas. They were as tall as Paisley and she ran once and got scared. She really tried to be brave and did a great job. Nicholas invited Kian to the AWANA at our church. Nicholas was awarded the wings, trooper badge and four jewels. He could not have been more proud for his friend and his mom and dad to see him earn this! He worked very hard and with last week being such a challenge for him, I prayed he would be blessed with a good week, and he was!!
Thursday we did a finger-painting  activity and they loved that also. We had two neighbor boys and they enjoyed the popcorn and body tracing and painting, we even put on glo in the dark paint.!! We have swam all week and that has been really good too!
The raw cinnamon toast did turn out well and tasted great with butter and cinn/sugar. It took forever to dehydrate, 30hrs. I really do like the end product and it swelled great cooking and drying.  It will be good to give to Nicholas  and Paisley before they swim each day.

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