Friday, March 18, 2016

Where did 2015 go?

Kauai 2015
Jeff and I
Celebrating 20 years of marriage in Kauai. We stayed at our time share and traveled the Island by rental car. Jeff did all the meal prep and cooking and we ate out twice. He fixed drinks from the fresh fruit and cooked some amazing fish. We had fun shopping at two local farmers markets. I truly had a vacation!! Mom and Mema came to watch the kids and they had a great week too.
 Our first hike, it had rained the night before so very muddy waters. The mosquitos were alive and ate through my black hiking pants!
 Spouting horn was beautiful  and is on the south shore. There were many roosters. The drive was gorgeous and we had many great stops this day! We did some shopping and had a shaved ice!
 The greenery was lush and clean. We saw many flowers, coffee plants and house plants growing wild.
 This was the west side of island and the most red earth we saw on trip. The road was incredible and would be so fun on a motorcycle.
 Jurassic Falls, breathtaking and huge. The day was overcast so the picture is not great.
 A picnic on our own beach. We saw two people the whole day. It was so fun. We found a great heart shaped coral on our hike out.

 This falls was after our couple massage on the beach. The massage was amazing and I would highly recommend it. My massage was incredible and the setting could not have been more gorgeous. The sound of the waves and birds were mesmerizing. Look up Kauai Couple Massage if you go!
 Aloha and mahalo!

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