Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yucky week and Pet day!

Some weeks just seem like they go in the records books for crumbiest week. I am so spent and I think I expect my children to just be perfect. I was making breakfast for Nicholas and Paisley decides to put the cat in the shower with Nicholas and get out daddy's aftershave! What more...I can't believe how some days start. I went to lunch with Nicholas for parents day and had a good time with him. There were bag pipes and he enjoyed them for about 15 minutes. We saw lots of neighbors and and it was good to just be with him. Paisley was in preschool and I took our neighbor boy to be with Balto and Paisley for pet day since he has no pets and adores Balto. It can only get better and I am convinced God will settle me down. He has too! We will know about our work situation soon and that will help also. Am I doing the right things for Nicholas and what is too much? Some days just seem that way. now i can't figure out how to get a picture attached...oh boy! I am quiting and will be back later

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