Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paisley Lyn......the Girly Pirate who turns four!

Paisley Turns 4 years old

Grandma Kristi made her cake and Paisley designed it!  She loved the finished product and it tasted yummy!

We used coins, rock candy and a candy necklace to decorate the hands and necco wafers are the hat polka dots.  The lips and nose are jelly candy and the yellow is lemon filling.

We chose a purse and filled it with pencils, jewels, paper dolls, headband and a mini note book.  We had one boy guest so he got a treasure map bag filled with a pop gun and spiderman socks. My friend Lana made the paperdolls on a day we scrapped and Paisley got to pick the colors. Each bag had a flag, treasure map and box, hook, clothes, shoes, hat, sash and sword and telescope.  The food Paisley chose was cannonballs(grapes), rubies (strawberries), coins(tater rounds), nuggets (chicken), pirate teeth (corn) and pirate booty...the best puffed corn snack ever!  They sell it a fred meyer and it is addictive.  It is gluten free also.

This is the SS Paisley Lyn PW2010!  She loved it and so did the guests.  Dad and Nicholas designed it and helped decorate it.  She had a blast.  The ladder is part of Nicholas's home therapy and can be changed out to a platter disk and swing.  It is always there and we built the ship around it.  Turned out really cute we thought.  The flags are from the latest Stampin up party set.  They were easy to punch out and string on. My friend Lana was the visiting pirate. She was all decked out and did a great job!  one girl was frightened but she is super sensitive.  She smiled as time went on and I called her mom and there were no nightmares!  Lana..you really made Paisley's party extra special. Thank you!

This game was called walk the plank....the kids loved it and there were treats at the end.  Jeff built this balance beam for Nicholas and it worked great for the pirate theme.  Jeff is so talented and his help was wonderful.  I love you sweetie!  We uses a table cloth I had that had fish on it and told the kids they were killer fish and don't fall in!  There were treasure maps and at the end was a treasure box decorated by Nicholas.  Inside were purses filled with large gold coins. They loved the hunt and the treasure.  My little girl is four and she is really changing.  This is so fun yet sad. I love each stage but she is not as needy of her mom and can do a lot by herself.

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  1. Hello April, Just stopping in to say "Hi" and thank you for your kind comment. I just have to say, the girl pirate party looks like SO much fun! I hear your angst at watching your little ones grow up. Walter will turn four in June, and I often wonder, "How is that possible?" Hope you have a lovely day.