Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We are on a vacation to southern California, Palm Dessert. We have a nice time share with three pools and great area, very quiet.  We checked in this AM after driving 12 hours.  We had lots of snow and scary roads in Utah last night.  We took turns driving and pulled off to sleep for 2 hours early this AM.  The kids could not stand another minute in the car seats.  They were both crying and miserable.  We thought it would be better to drive at night but after experiencing it, maybe day would have been easier on Nicholas.  It is always so hard to know.  Today we checked in and went to the pool.
We put on sunscreen and spent the afternoon playing and relaxing.  The kids loved the pool and showing daddy all their new swim moves!  

We had a great time and I even got a nap.   The weather is beautiful and warm! We took the kids to Trader Joes to shop Gluten free and then took the car to a wash.  It was a mess.... We had a great pasta dinner and Nicholas set the table and even put a centerpiece...a beautiful pineapple! I could not find the camera, it was so sweet.  He did really well and fell asleep before we were done with books.  He has still not moved and neither has Rich, he has been pretty attached to him this trip.  We are loving seeing Paisley swim and her growing vocabulary. 

This is a grapefruit tree right off our deck.  They are large and we wish we could reach them!
Jeff and I are watching the Gonzaga girls play in the sweet sixteen.  They are doing well and vacation is such a wonderful thing, The wine is good too and just having time together is special. The flowers are beautiful and the palms are so awesome.  The kids are loving the change of scenery and activity. It was time for spring vacation!

Nicholas has been doing really well with eye contact lately.  The pictures are proof.  He loves vacation and I love to see him free and enjoying the day. He has been confused on the time of day but he will get settled in and then it will be time to head home and the moon will be full!

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