Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ignacia-a grape worker, gardener, vineyard manager, pet lover

       I would like to introduce you to a new friend of our family. Her name is Ig-nac-ia. Ignacia is a very special 74 year old Hispanic worker. One of the things that first grabbed my attention was her happiness and contentment. She is a really hard worker and works everyday but Sunday. She knows English really well and loves to listen to the kids. She teases them in sweet ways, ways that make them really think.
She is short, petite, wears socks over her long sleeves to keep her wrists protected. She wears a blue bandana on her hair and then a baseball cap or sun hat. Ignacia comes every morning and every afternoon. She has a beautiful smile and sweet laugh.
     Our kids love to hear her brown and white GMC truck with canopy come down the lane at 2mph, the kittens and cats come running, the kids grab their shoes and run to greet her also. It is the highlight of their afternoon. They love to share the day with her and give her an update on all 14 cats and who know how many kittens. Ignacia loves to visit and learn what we are doing. We share things we have made with her and she brings us treats from her yard. She has a walnut tree! She brought me two starts that I put in the ground last month. I hope they will take off and grow.
     We miss her when we go home to our real home. The kids learn a lot from her. I am thankful to have her in our life on the farm.

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