Friday, November 8, 2013

Willard Apple Cider Syrup

 WillWalk Cider? 
What do you think of the name?
 Living on the farm is so fun and so much work! 

Cider syrup, Applesauce, Apple butter, Cranberry applesauce, Cider, Hard Cider, Apple Dumplings, Pie, Baked Apples to name a few.
 Bud age 72, Jeff age 44
Nov 2013
We have been experimenting this fall with all the fresh apples and juice. Jeff and his dad pressed off 44 gallons of fresh juice. We used Fuji, Granny, Golden, Winter Banana, Johna Gold, and Red Delicious. We were able to borrow the Willard family cider press and the boys had fun. We as a family picked an est. 15 bushels of  apples the weekend before, washed them all and refrigerated them. I boiled the cider to kill the bacteria and bugs. To make the syrup, we used 1.5 gallons of fresh cider and brought it to a boil, skimmed it, and simmered for 4 hours. I took it off the stove when it coated the back of the spoon. The end result was a rich light amber, tart, think syrup. It filled 4 Jelly Jars.

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