Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Transition 2013

This fall has brought on many changes for our family! After living apart 2 years due to work locations, we chose to put our house for sale (which is still for sale) and home school the kids during this transition. We are living in a small town in central Washington on a farm that grows Apples, Cherries, and Wine Grapes. The fresh crops, homemade apple cider, applesauce, pies and dumplings  have been so fun!

We chose k12 since both kids have IEP's. We have never home schooled before, we are impressed with the program. Nicholas has a Special Ed teacher and a homeroom teacher to assist with math and reading comprehension. Paisley has a Speech Therapist and home room teacher. She is in a tier 2 reading program and we are seeing great improvements.

I am surprised at how much relief k12 Home Schooling brought Nicholas. He loves to be at home and so far, is thriving with the transition. He was being bullied far more that we imagined at school. He refers to certain kids and situations every day and expresses his relief in not having to deal with them. I feel so good in that he is safe, relaxed and learning at his pace. I feel so bad in not knowing how severe and often the bullying was. I attempted to curb every attempt of bullying I was made aware of and obviously had no idea the daily taunts. Nicholas is not a tattle and internalized most of it.

One of our daily activities is not taking place in our new location. SWIMMING with the IFST Piranhas! We miss it so much! We miss the friends, the values, the commitment, the coaching staff and board, the daily water therapy for Nicholas, the exercise, the pool drama, the team, our home, a bathtub, our church family and our neighbors. We do not miss the weather, wind, the bullying, gas bill, cleaning 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms to name a few.

Paisley was a Kitty for Halloween and Nicholas was Darth Vader. Nicholas was not very enthused this year, kinda embarrassed. Paisley loved every minute of it. They carved pumpkins that Jeff grew for us over the summer and already have plans for next years crop. We are enjoying being a family and the togetherness we missed for so long.

Paisley As Kitty 2013 Willard Farms
Nicholas as Darth Vader 2013

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