Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas fun and highlights for our family in Washington

Bitty and Paisley...matching angels!

Nicholas sporting his new PIRANHAS backpack

Star Wars and Legos!

Polly pocket Cruise ship!!

                                     Paisley said something funny when I was getting ready for New Years Dinner...I was shaving my legs and she walks in and asks "mom are you cutting the pine needles"  I laughed so hard!! She says some of the darnedest things!
I made some soup one  night and Nicholas said "mom I think I like american soup, not this greek soup!
Nicholas and Balto..he loves the tree!

This was so funny, our tree got so dry this year. We got it at Fred Meyer and it must have been cut early. He took the branches off one by one and bagged them so the needles would not get in the shag carpet.  He was loving it and I had to get a picture! I put it on face book and everyone loved it!

 This was our tree before Daddy Grinch got a hold of it!!

The compote is a gift from mom on one of our shopping trips to the antique store! I love it, it is so old it is turning a lavender color, that is the lead in the crystal exposed to sunlight. I can't wait to serve a dessert in it! Thanks mama!
Frying pan cat!

Don't we look cute!!
 A new bike helmet!
Star wars legos!

Nickle Pickle!!

                                                                                                                                                                   Santa brought a remote control heli..way cool!

A Star Wars tv video game from Grandma!!! Hours of fun will be made by this I am sure.

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