Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new year, I was not done with 2010!

Just a few December highlights and pics!
Thanks for stopping by to see our fun :0)

 Gluten free gingerbread is a challenge and he did so well, just a little frustration when it turned into a fort and not a house! I am very proud of you Nicholas!
 Feed for the birds if there are any in this -8 degree weather we are having!

 Our tree, it was very fragrant and pretty this year. We did the same color and added a few antique bulbs this year. Mom and I had fun at a new antique store this visit!
He even has a fish pond and barbque!!
Time does fly, There has been so much I wanted to share so I will try to do so in several posts. While mom was here, we did the 12 days of Christmas in crafts. They are still asking what is the craft for today. They loved it. Here are a few pictures to showcase a few we made. 
  1. Paper snowflakes
  2. Gingerbread houses
  3. self decorated t shirts
  4. snow crystal ornaments
  5. ornament painting with the years favorites on the back
  6. toy mice for balto out of recycled socks
  7. Snowmen out of paperplates
  8. Christmas food for the birds on bread with peanut butter and cut with cookie cutters
  9. flower hair accessory
  10. glow in the dark snowmen
  11. foam snowglobe fun
  12. the last one we have not done is a ornament made out of glue blob! maybe next year:)

We glow in the dark!!

Balto loved the catnip inside!

We loved this, it is a pipecleaner and borax! Beautiful Crystals!!         

The year has been filled with many blessings. We are all healthy and the Lord has provided everything we needed and more! We are thankful for Jeff's employment and our home. Nicholas has had great therapy and we are able to make payments on some of the bills. He improves weekly and we are so proud of him. Paisley is loving school and loves to do any baking, crafting, book reading etc. She does not like to clean!! She will dust, I am thankful:)

 These are what some neighbors and friends got this year. They were really fun and they are very pretty. I got the spoons at Sams and we wire wrapped them and filled the spoon with homemade peanut butter cups, fudge, caramels and cookies. I tied that all in with cello wrap and tagged it with Have sun serving up spoonfulls of Christmas Cheer! Mom helped me and loved the idea and is making some for her friends too.

Frying pan cat..he tried it out before I could even cook something up!

Gluten free sugar cookies are the best!

We love our shirts!

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